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Japanese Cooking Technique: Stir-Frying

There are five ways to stir-fry a meal: simple, dry, moist, extreme-heat and scramble. This tutorial guides you through the five methods in detail, explaining which methods work best with the ingredients you use and how you want the dish to turn out.

health benefits of natto

The Health Benefits of Natto

A traditional Japanese superfood, Natto and its enzyme nattokinase are associated with a wide variety of health benefits including heart health, probiotics, vitamins and immune boosting.

Vegetarian Japanese recipes

5 Popular Healthy Japanese Vegetarian Dishes

Finding Japanese vegetarian recipes can be difficult because many dishes use dashi for flavor. Here a few healthy Japanese vegetarian recipes you can easily make for yourself!

summertime japanese salad

Summertime Salad Dressings Recipes Coming Soon!

After months of cold weather and heavy food, Umami Insider looks to lighten the mood with new content that features summertime flavors, refreshing salads and salad dressings that require little prep and use Japanese flavors mixed with pantry staples.

sore throat cure

Japanese Tea for Soothing a Sore Throat

Make sure you treat your throat right this winter with gentle, soothing tea. From the anti-inflammatory properties of ginger root to the vitamins and minerals in yuzu, your throat will certainly thank you.

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Apple Daifuku Mochi

Recipe & Video: Apple Daifuku Mochi

Make apple daifuku mochi, a tasty dessert extremely popular in Japanese food culture, in the comfort of your own home with our easy-to-follow recipe and video plus cooking tips to help you become a pro in no time at all.

Eggplant and Chicken Miso Stir-fry

Recipe & Video: Eggplant and Chicken Miso Stir-fry

Traditional Japanese eggplant and chicken miso stir fry recipe and video plus tips on authentic Japanese stir-frying techniques that will have you outfrying the Iron Chef right in your own kitchen.

Red Bean Stuffed Tofu Donuts

Recipe & Video: Red Bean Stuffed Tofu Donuts

Creamy, silky tofu-based crispy donuts stuffed with rich sweet red bean paste are a vegan healthy dessert that will amaze everyone that tries them. Learn how to do it with our easy-to-follow recipe and video!

Tonjiru Pork Soup

Recipe & Video: Tonjiru Pork Soup

Combining flavorful ingredients like pork belly and shiitake mushrooms with classic Japanese seasonings like mirin and dashi, this hearty tonjiru soup will delight friends and family when you whip it up in your home kitchen.