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Kan warming sake

Kan: The Japanese Method of Warming Sake

Do you see cold nights in your near future? If so, turn them into an opportunity to gather your friends and practice your sake-serving skills with this guide.

hanafu what is fu

What is Fu? All You Need to Know

Learn all about Fu, a wheat gluten product from Japan that can be used as a meat substitute for a wide variety of different Japanese cuisine dishes.

Ramen recipe

From Broth to Bowl: Making the Perfect Ramen

This feature covers the tools, techniques and ingredients you need to make a bowl of ramen worthy of any authentic noodle shop. Step-by-step instructions, precise ingredient measurements and tips from the pros make the road to ramen nirvana easy.

vinegar based pickling tsukemono variety

Japanese Cooking Technique: Vinegar Based Pickling

What completes most any meal? Juicy, savory, preserved vegetables. Japanese pickles, collectively referred to as tsukemono, can incorporate one or a mélange of vegetables to elevate your next Japanese-style meal to another level of umami.

sore throat cure

Japanese Tea for Soothing a Sore Throat

Make sure you treat your throat right this winter with gentle, soothing tea. From the anti-inflammatory properties of ginger root to the vitamins and minerals in yuzu, your throat will certainly thank you.

Unique Japanese curry

Ultimate Guide to Unique Japanese Curry

It seems like every region in Japan has its own take on curry. Here, we break down five of the most popular local variations: Hokkaido shika deer curry, Okinawa bitter melon curry, Hiroshima oyster curry, Echizen squid curry and Tottori pear curry.

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Japanese-style Mapo Tofu

Recipe & Video: Japanese-style Mapo Tofu

Recipe and video for making Japanese-style mapo tofu from scratch in your home kitchen, along with detailed history on this unique dish and how it traveled from China to Japan to become an integral part of Japanese food culture.

poke bowl_revised

Recipe & Video: Poké Bowl

All you need is fresh fish, rice and several Japanese condiments. It's easier than you think to recreate Poké at home.

Wafu Japanese Steak

Recipe & Video: Wafu Japanese Steak

Learn how to make wafu sauces and dressings that transform regular items like steak into full Japanese style flavorful dishes that will have your friends and families jumping out of their dinner seats and giving you a standing ovation.

Tricolor Soboro Bowl

Recipe & Video: Tricolor Soboro Bowl

Three flavors and three colors come together in perfect harmony in our yummy tricolor soboro bowl where seasoned ground chicken, Japanese style scrambled eggs and snow peas each stand apart.

Orange Kanten

Recipe & Video: Orange Kanten

Recipe and video that gives you everything you need to know to create an authentic Japanese orange kanten, served in its own orange peel, to impress your guests visually and wow their taste buds at the same time.