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cook for boyfriend sushi dinner

Great Recipes for Your Boyfriend

Four different recipes to make for your man. From drinks to entrees, to desert, this is a full selection of recipes that make a great meal!

shichimi togarashi in a wooden spoon

Get Familiar With Shichimi Togarashi

Shichimi togarashi is a Japanese blend of 7 spices and is commonly used as a seasoning in soups, noodle dishes, or as an addition to salad dressing.

unagi hitsumabushi

5 Ways to Enjoy Unagi, the Japanese Eel

Unagi, the Japanese eel, is a large part of Japanese cuisine. In addition to being an ingredient in many sushi rolls, there are many other ways you can enjoy unagi, whether in Japanese restaurants or prepared and served in your own home.

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Sakura Kanten Jelly

Recipe & Video: Sakura Kanten Jelly

Sweet, delicious, and bright pink, this sakura kanten jelly recipe is a fun and yummy celebration of the flowering that takes place during the spring season. Make it right in your home kitchen with our easy-to-follow video and recipe.

Strawberry Milk Kanten

Recipe & Video: Strawberry Milk Kanten

Recipe and video for sweet and creamy strawberry milk kanten, an authentic Japanese dessert recipe that uses fresh seasonal fruit and traditional jellying techniques. This is a masterpiece that will have friends and family clamoring for seconds.

Chicken Tsukune

Recipe & Video: Chicken Tsukune

Skewered grilled chicken covered in Teriyaki sauce is the perfect dish for everything from afternoon barbecues to formal dinners, and our easy-to-follow chicken tsukune recipe and video has everything you need to make it at home!

Spicy Black Pepper Karaage

Recipe & Video: Spicy Black Pepper Karaage

Impress the crowds at the next dinner party with this boldly seasoned spicy black pepper Japanese style fried chicken recipe. Includes a video that shows how to whip up authentic karaage in your own kitchen.

poke bowl_revised

Recipe & Video: Poké Bowl

All you need is fresh fish, rice and several Japanese condiments. It's easier than you think to recreate Poké at home.