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Japanese Greens: Mizuna Health Benefits and Culinary Uses

Mizuna is a Japanese green that is high in nutrition and lends itself well to many different dishes. Used in everything from salads to soups to stir-frys, the leafy green offers great flavor as well as many health benefits.

Kan warming sake

Kan: The Japanese Method of Warming Sake

Do you see cold nights in your near future? If so, turn them into an opportunity to gather your friends and practice your sake-serving skills with this guide.

homemade tofu

Ultimate Guide to Homemade Tofu

The idea of making your own tofu sounds seems daunting, but it’s actually a rather easy and simple process. Once you do it the first time, you may choose to make your own tofu from that point on.

Ramen recipe

From Broth to Bowl: Making the Perfect Ramen

This feature covers the tools, techniques and ingredients you need to make a bowl of ramen worthy of any authentic noodle shop. Step-by-step instructions, precise ingredient measurements and tips from the pros make the road to ramen nirvana easy.

Japanese Desserts in NYC

9 Best Japanese Desserts in NYC

There are an endless number of desserts in NYC that take their origins from places close to home as well as far-flung locales. Here are the top 9 Japanese inspired desserts that you have to try in NYC.

thinly sliced meat

Ultimate Guide to Thinly Sliced Meat

Thinly sliced meat is a prime ingredient in many Japanese dishes. You can easily cut thinly sliced meat yourself by following a few simple tips.

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Chicken Tsukune

Recipe & Video: Chicken Tsukune

Skewered grilled chicken covered in Teriyaki sauce is the perfect dish for everything from afternoon barbecues to formal dinners, and our easy-to-follow chicken tsukune recipe and video has everything you need to make it at home!

Steamed Pork and Corn Balls

Recipe & Video: Steamed Pork and Corn Balls

This visually appealing dish is actually inspired to look like a yellow small chrysanthemum! Serve it as an appetizer or pack it in your lunch for a little floral flare.

Apple Daifuku Mochi

Recipe & Video: Apple Daifuku Mochi

Make apple daifuku mochi, a tasty dessert extremely popular in Japanese food culture, in the comfort of your own home with our easy-to-follow recipe and video plus cooking tips to help you become a pro in no time at all.

Mizu Yokan

Recipe & Video: Mizu Yokan

Mizu Yokan is a traditional Japanese dessert that is served as a refreshing treat on warm summer days. The jellied dessert is made with sweet red bean paste, sugar, and other flavorful ingredients such as chestnuts.