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Cooking Japanese Food in Season: January Vegetables

When cooking Japanese food in season, choose carrots and mung bean sprouts for the month of January. They add plenty of flavor to a wide variety of traditional Japanese dishes, as well as nutrition and health benefits.

Osechi Ryori 3 Kinds

Recipe & Video: Osechi Ryori 3 Kinds

Ring in the New Year like a Japanese culinary pro with these three different kinds of traditional Osechi Ryori. These small plates symbolize health, wealth and longevity in the year to come and are an eye-pleasing addition to any table.


Recipe & Video: Datemaki

Sweet and savory at the same time, datemaki is a umami rich traditional Japanese recipe based on fishcakes and dashi stock that is often part of the traditional New Year’s festivities but can be made throughout the year as well.

Ozoni Kansai Style

Recipe & Video: Ozoni Kansai Style

Ozoni is a popular soup for Japanese New Year’s celebration. Each region has a different recipe, but Kansai style ozoni is one of the most popular ones! Learn how to make Kansai style ozoni with our recipe.

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