As an alternative to ordinary roses, why not give a gift of Japanese rose syrup or Japanese rose salt, either of which will last much longer and add a touch of flavor and elegance to many dishes.

Roses are a traditional gift for many holidays, including Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, special occasions, or even just to say “I love you.” Unfortunately, roses never last too long, and the meaningful gift is eventually discarded and forgotten. But it doesn’t have to be that way with this unique alternative rose gifts.

Edible rose syrup and rose salt produced from a specially cultivated rose in the Okuizumo Rose Garden in Japan are exceptional gifts that can be savored much longer than a traditional rose bouquet.

What Makes the Edible Roses from Japan so Special?

Edible roses have a long history in Europe and the Middle East. People traditionally used edible roses for culinary as well as medicinal purposes for centuries. Today, daily use of rose water is common practices in many Middle Eastern and South Asian homes. But the roses cultivated by the Fukuma family for the Okuizumo Rose Garden in the Shimane prefecture are unique.

These particular roses, known as the Sahime rose, exhibit more fragrant notes and a sweeter taste than other edible roses. The Sahime rose is used all over Japan and made into a variety of products. Rose syrup, rose tea, cosmetics, and liquor are just some of the products of Sahime rose. The products are used by food manufacturers, restaurants, bars, hotels, and others. Two of the most popular products include Japanese Rose Syrup and Japanese Rose Salt.

Various Ways to Use Japanese Rose Syrup

An amazingly fragrant and flavorful syrup, Japanese Rose Syrup is made using beet sugar from Hokkaido, and the Sahime rose essence that has been extracted by boiling down the rose petals. A gentle, sweet flavor and enticing aroma make this syrup enjoyable in several ways.

Use Japanese Rose Syrup as a luxurious topping for ice cream, pancakes and waffles, cheesecake, mixed fruit, sorbet, and other desserts. Enjoy Japanese Rose Syrup as an addition to creative and refreshing cocktails, mix with some ice and sparkling water, or enjoy it as a cordial.

You can also use rose syrup not just as a topping for desserts, but also as a central component of the dessert itself, such as rose syrup ice cream or pudding. It also makes an excellent glaze for grilled pork or roasted lamb!

Enhance Your Dishes with Japanese Rose Salt

Also made from the Sahime roses, this specially crafted rose salt looks as beautiful as it tastes. The pure blend of salt mined from a salt lake in Tibet and Sahime rose petals offers a subtle sweetness to many dishes and exhibits a slight fragrance of roses. It is best for accenting individual plates to deliver an alluring meal presentation.

How to Use Japanese Rose Salt

Aside from merely giving it to someone as unique rose gifts, you can use it in several culinary applications. They perfectly enhance both the look and flavor of a dish. The Japanese rose salt perfectly complements foods such as tempura, pasta, grilled meats and fish, and risotto.

Use rose salt to add balance and elegant touch to salads. You can make your salad dressing with Japanese rose salt, olive oil, and vinegar. Try using it to make rose-flavored salted ice cream, or add to confectioneries such as truffles or other sweets.

Do More With Roses With These Unique Rose Gifts

Japanese rose syrup and salt are more than just fun rose gifts to give to someone for special occasions. They will last much longer than ordinary roses and enhance your meals with a touch of elegance and umami.