Category - Sweets + Snacks

Black Sesame Macaron

Recipe & Video: Black Sesame Macaron

With a creamy green tea filling and nutty black sesame, this macaron combines the best of east and west into a delightful treat unlike anything else on earth. Make them right in your home kitchen with our easy to follow recipe and video.

Matcha Kanten Parfait

Recipe & Video: Matcha Kanten Parfait

Don't think the desert can be both healthy and amazing? Try our matcha green tea-based kanten jelly parfait, topped with bananas and strawberries, and see for yourself just how nutritious and delicious traditional Japanese sweets really can be.

Fluffy Japanese Pancakes

Recipe & Video: Fluffy Japanese Pancakes

Topped with whipped cream, berries and syrup, our Japanese style pancakes are lighter and creamier than what is common in the west. Find out the secret to their delightful fluffiness with our recipe and then make them yourself at home!