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Tonjiru Pork Soup

Recipe & Video: Tonjiru Pork Soup

Combining flavorful ingredients like pork belly and shiitake mushrooms with classic Japanese seasonings like mirin and dashi, this hearty tonjiru soup will delight friends and family when you whip it up in your home kitchen.

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Recipe & Video: Oshiruko

Sweet and delicious, oshiruko is a red bean paste and rice mochi based Japanese winter seasonal favorite. Use this simple recipe and video guide to make oshiruko for your friends or family.

Ozoni Kansai Style

Recipe & Video: Ozoni Kansai Style

Ozoni is a popular soup for Japanese New Year’s celebration. Each region has a different recipe, but Kansai style ozoni is one of the most popular ones! Learn how to make Kansai style ozoni with our recipe.

Ozoni Kanto Style

Recipe & Video: Ozoni Kanto Style

Ozoni is a popular soup with many ingredients, eaten during the New Years celebration. Each region has different takes on ozoni, with the Kanto region using simple dashi broths, chicken, and rectangular mochi!

Tuna and Onion Dashi Soup

Recipe & Video: Tuna and Onion Dashi Soup

Soups are an important part of Japanese food culture, but they are often overlooked. Here is an easy recipe for a ginger and onion spiced tuna, mushroom and onion dashi soup that's perfect for almost any season.