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ponzu with gyoza

What is Ponzu?

Ponzu sauce is a popular, versatile condiment utilized in Japanese cuisine. The combination of ingredients used to make ponzu sauce, including the refreshing citrus flavor of the yuzu fruit, result in an umami-rich sauce well suited for many dishes.

Ultimate Guide to Different Types of Miso

Ultimate Guide to Different Types of Miso

Did you know that there are actually many types of miso, each with varied culinary uses in Japanese cooking? The different ingredients used to create miso paste result in different flavors, making miso a very versatile ingredient.

Japanese dashi ingredients

Ultimate Guide to Japanese Dashi Stock

Knowing about different kinds of Japanese dashi enable you to cook Japanese food better and the rewarding umami flavor is well worth it! Learn more and you’ll be able to explore new avenues of wonderful flavor in Japanese cuisine.

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