health benefits of natto

The Health Benefits of Natto

A traditional Japanese superfood, Natto and its enzyme nattokinase are associated with a wide variety of health benefits including heart health, probiotics, vitamins and immune boosting.

akami otoro chutoro tuna

Know Your Tuna: Otoro, Chutoro, and Akami

Depending on the type of taste and texture experience you're looking for, tuna has several different options. From rich and decadent otoro to meaty akami, you'll be sure to find something you like when it comes to Japanese cuisine with tuna.

japanese noodles tokoroten

A Guide to Japanese Noodles

Most fans of Japanese cuisine are familiar with ramen noodles, but they might not realize that Japanese cuisine has many more flavors, textures and noodle shapes worth trying.

Japanese dashi ingredients

Ultimate Guide to Japanese Dashi Stock

Knowing about different kinds of Japanese dashi enable you to cook Japanese food better and the rewarding umami flavor is well worth it! Learn more and you’ll be able to explore new avenues of wonderful flavor in Japanese cuisine.

udon noodles with kamaboko and wakame

An Introduction to Udon Noodles

One of the most popular types of noodles to enjoy in Japanese cuisine is udon noodles. Made from wheat flour, salt and water, these thick, chewy noodles are very comforting and can be used in a wide variety of dishes, served hot or cold.

sushi ingredients

A Guide to Common Japanese Sushi Ingredients

On occasion, sushi ingredients on a menu may be listed in Japanese, leaving you wondering what exactly they are. This handy guide to common Japanese sushi ingredients will help you understand what you might find on a sushi menu.