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unagi hitsumabushi

5 Ways to Enjoy Unagi, the Japanese Eel

Unagi, the Japanese eel, is a large part of Japanese cuisine. In addition to being an ingredient in many sushi rolls, there are many other ways you can enjoy unagi, whether in Japanese restaurants or prepared and served in your own home.

Japanese baikingu buffet

The Joy of the Baikingu Buffet

The history of the Japanese baikingu is a fascinating one, but the real appeal is the delicious food. Luckily, it isn't hard to try one of these all-you-can-eat buffets for yourself at a Japanese hotel or Japanese-American restaurant!

Unique Japanese curry

Ultimate Guide to Unique Japanese Curry

It seems like every region in Japan has its own take on curry. Here, we break down five of the most popular local variations: Hokkaido shika deer curry, Okinawa bitter melon curry, Hiroshima oyster curry, Echizen squid curry and Tottori pear curry.

Japanese street foods taiyaki

10 Popular Japanese Street Foods

During the many festivals that take place in Japan throughout the year, street vendors sell a wide range of sweet and savory Japanese street foods. Some of these may seem strange but they are all very tasty.