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Uni Lover

5 Ways to Enjoy Uni in Dishes Other Than Sushi

Most who are familiar with Uni have only seen it served as sushi, but this decadent ingredient can also be used to compliment many other dishes as well as be the star of a flavorful meal. Here are 5 new ways you can delight your taste buds with Uni.

Japanese Desserts in NYC

9 Best Japanese Desserts in NYC

There are an endless number of desserts in NYC that take their origins from places close to home as well as far-flung locales. Here are the top 9 Japanese inspired desserts that you have to try in NYC.

wakame salad

What Is Wakame, and Why Should I Eat It?

Wakame is a Japanese seaweed often found in Miso soup, but it can also be used in many other dishes. Because it is also extremely healthy, many have added Wakame to their diets on a regular basis.