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aonori seaweed in a spoon

Aonori – The Japanese Seaweed That Goes With Everything

Not to be confused with nori, aonori is another edible seaweed cultivated off the coast of Japan. It is a versatile, flavorful, and aromatic ingredient that is dried and crushed, and used to garnish or season many Japanese dishes, including...

variety of sushi menu

Ultimate Guide to Sushi Menu

The sushi world offers something for everyone. Whether you are new to sushi and looking for a mild introduction like shiromi, or more seasoned and ready to try salmon roe, the wide variety of sushi available is fun and easy to explore.

how to eat sushi like a pro

How to Eat Sushi Like a Pro

If you want to order sushi like a pro, you should know some sushi terminology as well as the proper way to order and eat sushi, resulting in the best possible umami experience. Ordering and eating sushi properly enhances the flavor of each fish and...

Ultimate guide to tofu

Ultimate Guide to Tofu

Tofu is a healthy addition to any diet, with numerous benefits for your body and mind. Whether you want to add momen tofu to your next curry or include kinugoshi tofu in a fruit smoothie, this wonderful ingredient is sure to please.

wafu pasta with seaweed and bacon asparagus

Modern Japanese Fusion Food: Wafu Pasta

Many Japanese dishes have Western influences. Wafu pasta is the combination of Italian spaghetti and Japanese seasonings and ingredients, resulting in amazingly tasty fusion pasta.

The Ultimate Guide to Japanese Nabe Hot Pots

Ultimate Guide to Japanese Nabe Hot Pots

Traditional dinner in Japan during the colder months is nabe, a Japanese hot pot dish comprised of a flavorful broth with simmering meats or fish and a large number of fresh vegetables.

Senbei rice crackers

Ultimate Guide to Senbei: Japanese Rice Crackers

In Japan, rice is used to make a wide variety of foods, including rice crackers, also known as senbei. These rice crackers are available in a wide range of flavors and textures, and are as popular as potato chips in America.

Japanese food party chopsticks

7 Ways to Have a Japanese Food Party

The next time you are planning a dinner party, try hosting a Japanese food party—there are several types of Japanese food that your guests can enjoy making as well as eating, including temaki sushi, tempura, gyoza, and nabe hot pots!

okayu zosui comfort food

Comfort Food Spotlight: Okayu and Zosui

There are many ways to enjoy Japanese rice porridge, whether you're feeling sick or just hoping to warm up after being in the cold. By adding things such as meat, eggs, and vegetables, you can make a hearty and filling meal out of simple ingredients.