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What is Amazake

What is Amazake?

Amazake is a Japanese beverage known as sweet sake, and it is packed with vitamins and nutrients. It can be enjoyed hot or cold, all-year-round.

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Japanese sake pouring into ochoko

Ultimate Guide to Japanese Sake

You can enjoy sake in a variety of ways, from drinking it hot or cold to crafting the perfect sake cocktail. Sake is truly versatile, whether you have it with your favorite Japanese curry or want to drink it the next time you feel under the weather.

cure colds with sake

How to Cure Colds with Sake

The next time you feel yourself coming down with something this fall or winter, consider a hot cup of tamagozake to ease the discomfort. Rooted in a rich Japanese tradition, it just might help you feel better.

Japanese sake and rice

Japanese Sake: Four Fantastic Ways

From rich, premium sakes to lighter and fragrant styles, there are many types of rice wine to choose from. Be sure to select the right variety of sake for sipping or cooking with so you can fully enjoy their unique flavors and aromas.