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woman holding cup of green tea

5 Reasons to Make Green Tea Your Everyday Drink

You’ve probably heard that drinking green tea is a healthier alternative to coffee. It contains a lot of healthy properties that help you fight disease, improve your immune system, and possibly even keep you looking more youthful as well.

autumn drink apple cinnamon

Best 3 Shochu Drinks for a Long Night

Looking for some new ways to use shochu in beverages? Well it makes great cocktails. Here are three of our favorites: Shochu Oolong Mixer, Apple Sour and Yuzu Sour.

warm sake

Warm Sake for the Cooler Months

Sake can be a perfect pairing for a wide range of Japanese cuisine, from curry to sushi. Cool in the summer or warm in the winter, this national drink is truly a beverage for all seasons. Try warming it this fall for a unique treat.

colorful drinks

Colorful and Sweet Drinks for Girls Night In

Looking for some fun new cocktails to try for your next girls' night in? Check out these three fun and fruity recipes, Tropical Sake Drink, Popsicle Whiskey Highball and Apple Sour.

masu sake and ochoko

For the Love of Sake: Hosting Your First Sake Tasting

Learn all about hosting your first sake tasting in this easy-to-follow guide. Here you'll find all you need to know about choosing selections, glassware, tasting, how to taste and, most importantly, how to make it fun.