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Japanese sake pouring into ochoko

Ultimate Guide to Japanese Sake

You can enjoy sake in a variety of ways, from drinking it hot or cold to crafting the perfect sake cocktail. Sake is truly versatile, whether you have it with your favorite Japanese curry or want to drink it the next time you feel under the weather.

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sake breweries in America

The Top 10 Sake Breweries to Explore in America

Though sake has been around for thousands of years, it's relatively young in America. Whether you're sipping in California or tasting in New York, the United States offers an eclectic array of traditional and craft sake breweries to explore.


4 Ways to Drink Sake with Your Mom on Mother’s Day

From fruity to flowery, these four Mother's Day sakes are a perfect addition to your annual celebration. If you like to drink sake, share a glass with your mother or give her a special gift she can enjoy whenever she'd like.

whisky in Japan

Rules for Drinking Whisky In Japan

While Japanese whisky is based on scotch, it differs from its ancestor in a variety of intriguing ways. To get the most out of the whisky you encounter in Japan, it pays to understand the culture that surrounds it…