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teppanyaki chef holds plate

The Art, Theatre and Flavor of Teppanyaki

True Japanese teppanyaki differs somewhat from Western hibachi. Today, its rich history of ancient cooking techniques displays the prep and cooking of the food as a form of art, with skillful chefs preparing the dishes right in front of the patrons.

bento box history

The History of the Bento Box

The bento box is a Japanese tradition with roots that date back close to 1,000 years. With so many opportunities for creativity and originality, it's no wonder this versatile lunch box has become so popular today!

cure colds with sake

How to Cure Colds with Sake

The next time you feel yourself coming down with something this fall or winter, consider a hot cup of tamagozake to ease the discomfort. Rooted in a rich Japanese tradition, it just might help you feel better.

Japanese curry

The Delicious Story of Japanese Curry

Although curry is typically seen in Indian and Southeast Asian cuisine, Japanese culture has adopted these flavors to create their own, unique dish. With options for drinks to enhance the flavors, Japanese curry is certainly worth a taste!