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september eggplant shiitake mushrooms

Cooking Japanese Food in Season: September Vegetables

In the month of September, both shiitake mushrooms and eggplant are in season. In Japan, where many dishes feature fresh, in-season ingredients, you can expect to see a wide variety of dishes containing these flavorful and healthy ingredients.

Japanese-style Mapo Tofu

Recipe & Video: Japanese-style Mapo Tofu

Recipe and video for making Japanese-style mapo tofu from scratch in your home kitchen, along with detailed history on this unique dish and how it traveled from China to Japan to become an integral part of Japanese food culture.

Orange Kanten

Recipe & Video: Orange Kanten

Recipe and video that gives you everything you need to know to create an authentic Japanese orange kanten, served in its own orange peel, to impress your guests visually and wow their taste buds at the same time.

Mizu Yokan

Recipe & Video: Mizu Yokan

Mizu Yokan is a traditional Japanese dessert that is served as a refreshing treat on warm summer days. The jellied dessert is made with sweet red bean paste, sugar, and other flavorful ingredients such as chestnuts.

rakkyo and fukujinzuke with curry

Curry, Fukujinzuke, and Rakkyo: A Match Made in Heaven

Pickled vegetables such as fukujinzuke and crunchy rakkyo are an excellent side dish to your Japanese meal, especially Japanese curry! Try some the next time you make or order curry, and you won't be disappointed!