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Ramen recipe

From Broth to Bowl: Making the Perfect Ramen

This feature covers the tools, techniques and ingredients you need to make a bowl of ramen worthy of any authentic noodle shop. Step-by-step instructions, precise ingredient measurements and tips from the pros make the road to ramen nirvana easy.

Miso Ramen Broth

Recipe: Miso Ramen Broth

This recipe grants you a lot of latitude for adding secondary ingredients to turn the miso in any direction you prefer. Add a dried Thai chili for heat, substitute pork or chicken broth for half of the dashi or add a touch of honey for a pleasant...

Tonkotsu Ramen Broth

Recipe: Tonkotsu Ramen Broth

Bring the taste of your favorite ramen-ya home with this authentic tonkotsu broth. Creamy, lush and packed with savory umami, tonkotsu broth makes a perfect base for any ramen.

Ajitsuke Tamago (Egg with Japanese Seasoning)

Recipe: Ajitsuke Tamago (Egg with Japanese Seasoning)

The crown jewel of any well-made bowl of ramen, ajitsuke tomago — a soft-boiled egg marinated in soy sauce, sake and aromatics — adds a salty-sweet element to ramen's flavor profile and stunning visual appeal to its presentation.

Ramen Tare

Recipe: Ramen Tare (Japanese Sauce)

Think of tare as a concentrated flavoring agent of Japanese soups you can add to any ramen broth. You can include additional secondary ingredients, such as niboshi (dried sardines) lemongrass and chili flakes, to suit your tastes, but maintain a...

Shoyu (Soy Sauce) Ramen Broth

Recipe: Shoyu (Soy Sauce) Ramen Broth

Classically, ramen chefs added shoyu broth to chicken and pork ramen, but it's not uncommon now to find it in tonkotsu and beef broths. You want a prominent soy flavor in shoyu, so don't hesitate to add more tare or soy sauce to taste.