A selection of the tastiest and cutest photos of Japanese food that are featured on Umami Insider's Instagram! Check them out and start cooking your own Japanese food too!

While sushi may the be most famous Japanese food, it is by no means the only kind, or even the most popular in Japan. There are different types of Japanese food for every different occasion. Check out some of the amazing variety of Japanese cuisine on our Instagram! Here are some highlights:

Japanese Breakfast

What do Japanese people eat for breakfast? While it is a lighter meal in Japan, it features a lot of the same staples that you’ll see at lunch and dinner: steamed white rice, miso soup, some kind of protein (meat, fish or tofu) and a veggie. It is a healthy and balanced meal that gets your day started off just right.

Matcha Milkshake

Matcha is all the rage right now, and what better way to enjoy it than in a tasty milkshake? The delightful, earthy flavor of the matcha is the perfect balance to the sweet creaminess of the milkshake. Mmm yum.

Insta-Worthy Food Photo

Wanna find out how to make this Insta-perfect meal? All you need is some rice, eggs, and nori seaweed. It’s so easy to make, the hardest part might be getting up the nerve to eat something so cute.

Sushi Home Party

Thinking of trying to make sushi at home? Well, it’s not as hard as you think! With the right kind of rice and recipe, it’s simple to make delicious hand rolls right in your own kitchen. Check it out!

Why Is Japanese Food So Healthy?

Japanese food is considered some of the healthiest food in the world. Why? It is all about using simple, fresh ingredients and covering a wide variety of food groups. Japanese food is filled with protein but also many different kinds of vegetables so that you are getting all the necessary nutrients, without unneeded calories.

The Cutest Rice Balls Ever

Aren’t those the cutest onigiri rice balls ever? With a little bit of seaweed and rice seasoning, you can make smiley onigiri that will delight your guests and your stomach. They are so cute, we can’t even handle it.

Vegetarian Japanese Food

Did you know that a lot of Japanese food is very vegetarian-friendly? Tofu is frequently used in Japanese cooking and in very creative ways, just like this unique and tasty tofu burger! Fear not, vegetarians, there is plenty for you to enjoy in Japanese cuisine.

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