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Golden Ratio of Japanese Cooking

Ultimate Guide to the Golden Ratio of Japanese Cooking

The classic combination of dashi broth, mirin, and soy sauce, in the right proportions, make up the golden ratio of Japanese cooking. This is the guideline for creating many flavorful sauces and seasonings in Japanese cuisine. Learn the golden ratio...

aonori seaweed in a spoon

Aonori – The Japanese Seaweed That Goes With Everything

Not to be confused with nori, aonori is another edible seaweed cultivated off the coast of Japan. It is a versatile, flavorful, and aromatic ingredient that is dried and crushed, and used to garnish or season many Japanese dishes, including...

variety of sushi menu

Ultimate Guide to Sushi Menu

The sushi world offers something for everyone. Whether you are new to sushi and looking for a mild introduction like shiromi, or more seasoned and ready to try salmon roe, the wide variety of sushi available is fun and easy to explore.

Udon Noodle with Braised Beef and Ontama

Recipe & Video: Udon Noodle with Braised Beef and Ontama

Use our home chef Naoko’s popular recipe for delicious braised beef udon noodle soup topped with rich and creamy ontama style soft boiled egg to whip up a Japanese restaurant style meal right in the comfort of your own home.


The Ultimate Guide to Chashu Pork

Master the art of creating a melt-in-your-mouth chashu style pork, the perfect topping for fresh restaurant-style ramen, with our braised pork belly chashu and roasted pork shoulder chashu recipes.


Ramen Hacks: 2 Recipes to Upgrade Your Basic Ramen

Make upgraded Shoyu (Soy Sauce) and Tonkotsu broth ramen with our exclusive fresh restaurant-style ramen kits from Hakubaku, the leader in authentic Japanese noodle and healthy grain products for you and your family.

Tuna and Onion Dashi Soup

Recipe & Video: Tuna and Onion Dashi Soup

Soups are an important part of Japanese food culture, but they are often overlooked. Here is an easy recipe for a ginger and onion spiced tuna, mushroom and onion dashi soup that's perfect for almost any season.

how to make ramen broth

Teenage Chef’s Innovative Approach on How to Make Ramen

15-year-old chef Josh Reisner is now establishing his own style in the ramen world. While receiving professional training with ramen masters, this teen chef is also dedicated to creating personal recipes and applying new ideas.