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making gyoza at home

Ultimate Guide to Making Gyoza at Home

Gyoza, Japanese dumplings, is always a tasty addition to any Japanese meal. But instead of going out to eat, you can make your own gyoza at home to enjoy with different ingredients and dipping sauces. Perfect for any Japanese dinner party!

Japanese food party chopsticks

7 Ways to Have a Japanese Food Party

The next time you are planning a dinner party, try hosting a Japanese food party—there are several types of Japanese food that your guests can enjoy making as well as eating, including temaki sushi, tempura, gyoza, and nabe hot pots!

Osechi Ryori 3 Kinds

Recipe & Video: Osechi Ryori 3 Kinds

Ring in the New Year like a Japanese culinary pro with these three different kinds of traditional Osechi Ryori. These small plates symbolize health, wealth and longevity in the year to come and are an eye-pleasing addition to any table.


4 Ways to Drink Sake with Your Mom on Mother’s Day

From fruity to flowery, these four Mother's Day sakes are a perfect addition to your annual celebration. If you like to drink sake, share a glass with your mother or give her a special gift she can enjoy whenever she'd like.

Japanse dinner party table with beer and skewers

Everything You Need to Host a Japanese Dinner Party

Hosting a Japanese dinner party isn’t difficult or expensive. Simply choose the Japanese recipes you wish to serve, get the equipment and tableware, and enjoy the Japanese dinner with your friends and family.