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Easy Katsuobushi and Broccoli Salad

Recipe & Video: Easy Katsuobushi and Broccoli Salad

Get ready to impress friends and family with our easy-to-follow recipe and video for katsuobushi and broccoli salad, an authentic Japanese food recipe based on just two ingredients yet packing a flavor punch that will get you a standing ovation.

december napa cabbage daikon

Cooking Japanese Food in Season: December Vegetables

In Japan, people often cook with fresh, in-season ingredients. During the cold month of December, hakusai (nappa cabbage), kabu (turnips) and daikon radishes are the perfect accompaniments to many hearty and warming dishes.

japanese pickles tsukemono

Ultimate Guide to Japanese Tsukemono Pickles

Made using either a salt or vinegar brine or a more involved fermentation process, Japanese tsukemono pickles can refer to a wide assortment of both vegetables and fruits, as well as seaweed, and exhibit a plethora of both flavors and colors.

october Japanese sweet potatoes enoki mushrooms

Cooking Japanese Food in Season: October Vegetables

Sweet potatoes and enoki mushrooms are both in season in October in Japan, and will be featured in many Japanese dishes during this time. These vibrant ingredients are also very healthy, and will make a good addition to your regular diet.

Eggplant and Chicken Miso Stir-fry

Recipe & Video: Eggplant and Chicken Miso Stir-fry

Traditional Japanese eggplant and chicken miso stir fry recipe and video plus tips on authentic Japanese stir-frying techniques that will have you outfrying the Iron Chef right in your own kitchen.


Japanese Greens: Mizuna Health Benefits and Culinary Uses

Mizuna is a Japanese green that is high in nutrition and lends itself well to many different dishes. Used in everything from salads to soups to stir-frys, the leafy green offers great flavor as well as many health benefits.

Steamed Pork and Corn Balls

Recipe & Video: Steamed Pork and Corn Balls

This visually appealing dish is actually inspired to look like a yellow small chrysanthemum! Serve it as an appetizer or pack it in your lunch for a little floral flare.