Recipe and video for sweet and creamy strawberry milk kanten, an authentic Japanese dessert recipe that uses fresh seasonal fruit and traditional jellying techniques. This is a masterpiece that will have friends and family clamoring for seconds.

Ready for a unique dish that fuses the best of Japan with something almost as American as apple pie? Then Strawberry Milk Kanten is for you. We take one of Japanese food culture’s favorite desserts and make a strawberry milk version that will impress both young and old. Whip up this healthy Japanese recipe at home for a colorful and flavorful dessert that lights up the dinner table.

What Is Kanten?

Kanten is basically the Japanese equivalent of American Jell-O. Made from gelatinous seaweed, kanten is a component in many Japanese desserts, including anmitsu and mizu yokan. Made by boiling powdered seaweed extract with water and adding other ingredients, kanten is easy to prepare. When it cools down, you have a nice, solid jelly-like product.

Fruit kantens are extremely popular in Japanese culture, as they are creative ways of using fresh fruit that is in season – something of high importance in Japan. Strawberry season happens twice a year in Japan, outdoor in the early summer and in greenhouses during the early winter. However, in many parts of the West, you can find them year-round. Since presentation is also paramount to Japanese food culture, you should serve fruit kanten in a way that showcases the intriguing colors and season of the fruit. Check out our orange kanten recipe for another great example.

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