Everything you need to make an authentic Japanese yuzu sour right in your home kitchen is right here. This craft cocktail will be the star of your next dinner party or gathering using shochu and yuzu citrus peels for flavor and color.

Ready to make a citrusy Japanese cocktail right in your home kitchen? Then let’s whip up a Yuzu Sour. This delicious Yuzu cocktail combines Japan’s most popular distilled liquor with the tangy sour taste of the yuzu fruit. The result is a powerful yet enticingly tasty craft cocktail. It will have your friends and party guests begging for a second round! Make this delicious cocktail at home with our easy to follow recipe and video.

What is Shochu?

Although most people in the west are more familiar with sake, the truth is that Shochu is much more prevalent in Japan. Unlike sake, which is fermented, Shochu is distilled, which means it has a much higher alcohol content (20 to 30 percent)! People often refer Shochu as Japanese “vodka,” its  common ingredients are either sweet potatoes (imo), barley (mugi), or rice (kome). Each has its own distinct flavor, and we recommend trying all three!

Because Shochu has a long history in traditional Japanese food culture (at least 500 years), there are many different types across the country. The top quality shochu, honkaku, is usually single-distilled and keeps much of its original base ingredient flavor. In Japan, people enjoy Shochu on the rocks or with fruit juice, but using it in cocktails is increasingly becoming trendy. Western bars and lounges are now starting to base classic cocktails like the martini and the highball on it!

Candied Yuzu Peel by Shigeharu Shindo

We highly recommend trying this premium candied yuzu peel by Shigenharu Shindo. It will make the cocktail come to life and explode with flavor like no other product. Shigeharu Shindo is based in the Ehime prefecture, known as the heartland of naturally grown Japanese citruses such as Yuzu, Amanatsu, and Iyokan orange. The shop specializes in candying citrus peels for over a half-century and offers the top quality products available. Working closely with local citrus farmers in the region, Shindo Shigeharu Shop ensures the best fruits available. Enjoy the natural citrusy flavor of yuzu without any food coloring, artificial fragrances, and preservatives!  

Cooking Tips:

  • Increase the amount of yuzu preserve if you want your cocktail sweeter.
  • Shigeharu Shindo also makes candied Amanatsu Orange peel for a slightly different citrus taste to make your cocktails even more exotic.

Yuzu Sour (Shochu Yuzu Cocktail)

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  1. Top a chilled glass with ice cubes.
  2. Pour club soda and Japanese shochu into the glass.
  3. Pour in one tablespoon (or more if you like sweet) of yuzu and honey preserve.
  4. Mix well and garnish with dry candied yuzu peel.
  5. Enjoy!