This traditional Japanese dish is a popular appetizer. The miso paste matches perfectly with the eggplants, making you want to eat more!

An authentic Japanese recipe that is both tart and savory, Nasu Dengaku represents one of the most delicious ways to prepare eggplant. Because Japanese culture places so much emphasis on seasonal eating, fall is the best season for Nasu Dengaku. However, you can make this healthy Japanese recipe anytime of the year. Just follow the steps in our recipe and video, and check out the in-depth information below.

What Is Miso Dengaku?

Miso Dengaku is a traditional style of preparing vegetables with a miso sauce glaze. Typical ingredients include tofu, daikon radish, konnyaku (a gelatin made from root vegetables) and of course eggplant, depending on the season and availability. Miso Dengaku suits a wide range of veggies. Not only that, it adds a lot of flavor in a quick and simple recipe format.

Miso Dengaku itself is made from mixing miso, soy sauce and mirin (Japanese cooking wine) together into a delicious, tangy, semi-sweet sauce that goes well with most vegetables. It is usually cooked right into the vegetable dish as a glaze, either last minute on the grill or fire roasted (dengaku), although a simple frying pan with oil works just as well. The art of miso dengaku is getting the cooking time just perfect. You need enough to soak into the outer layer like a glaze but still retain moisture and flavor.

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