Invite your friends over for some authentic Japanese isobe yaki, a sweet and savory snack that combines mochi with seaweed and soy sauce. Everyone will be delighted by your mastery of this authentic Japanese recipe and easy-to-follow video.

An easy but filling snack, mochi has been enjoyed in many forms and isobe yaki is one of the favorites of Japanese food culture. Learn how to make isobe yaki yourself at home with our easy-to-follow recipe and video. This sweet and salty mochi will surely become your favorite mochi, especially since it is a healthy Japanese recipe that can be whipped up at home in just a matter of minutes!

What Is Isobe Yaki?

The word “isobe” in Japanese means “rocky seashore.” In Japan, rocky seashores have tons of seaweed, so any dish that uses seaweed and/or nori is often called “Isobe something.” Yaki means to bake, so isobe yaki is a baked mochi with seaweed. The result is a chewy yet crispy and savory but sweet delight for the tastebuds. Believe it or not, this is actually one of the most popular traditional Japanese food recipes. Often enjoyed on Japanese New Year and the rest of the winter season, isobe yaki is surprisingly addictive so make sure you make enough for everyone!

What Is Mochi?

Many Westerners are familiar with mochi as a kind of ice cream dessert. But the mochi part is just the chewy rice coating, not the ice cream. In Japanese food culture, mochi is eaten both as a sweet and in a variety of savory styles as well. Made by pounding sticky rice into a paste and then forming the paste into buns, mochi is eaten throughout the year on many different occasions but especially during the winter. It is a multi-purpose food that is a staple of Japanese culture and traditions.

Cooking Tips

  • If you want the mochi to be sweeter, just increase the amount of sugar.
  • While cooking mochi, keep an eye on it so it doesn’t burn. However, if the mochi starts to burn, add a little bit of oil to avoid burning it further.
  • If you want the nori seaweed to be crispy, eat the mochi right away!
  • If you want the nori seaweed to be soft, rest the mochi a little bit before eating.

Isobe Yaki

Course Snack
Cuisine Japanese


  • 5 Mochi
  • 1 Nori, cut into five pieces
  • 1 Tbsp Vegetable oil



  1. Cut nori into 5 pieces.
  2. Pour vegetable oil in pan and heat over medium heat
  3. Add the mochi, and cook until browned.
  4. Once browned, flip and put on a lid. Heat over low heat.
  5. Once the mochi is soft, add the seasoning over the mochi.
  6. Wrap in seaweed, and done!

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