Easy-to-follow recipe and video for enoki mushroom and spinach mayonnaise salad, plus everything you need to know about Japanese mushrooms and mayonnaise.

Combining enoki mushrooms, carrots and spinach, this creamy yet healthy Japanese salad will be the star of your dinner party. Served cold, it makes the perfect side dish to any meat- or vegetarian-based main plate. You can use it as a substitute to boring side salads. You can even pair it alongside regular western meals or Asian dinners. Check out our easy-to-follow recipe and video guide to making this delicacy of Japanese food culture, which includes in-depth information on its ingredients.

All About the Enoki Mushroom

The enoki mushroom is one of the most commonly used mushrooms in authentic Japanese food recipes. Also known as golden needle mushrooms, seafood mushrooms, winter mushrooms and lily mushrooms, the enoki has a thin, elegant appearance with a delicate flavor. Often used in soups and easier to cook than larger meatier mushrooms like maitake and shiitake, the enoki is a great “starter” mushroom due to its mild taste and straightforward preparation. Those who want to get more creative can check out our guide to Japanese mushrooms and try this salad recipe with another type.

Like many of the mushrooms commonly used in traditional Japanese food recipes, the enoki mushroom has a variety of health benefits. Besides containing vitamins like B1, B2 and B5, these mushrooms are also high in health-promoting amino acids. Studies show that the enoki mushroom can help do everything from improve the immune system to shed unwanted body fat. These benefits make this salad a great side dish for anyone trying to improve their diet!

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Japanese Mayo: What’s the Difference?

Japanese-style mayonnaise, also known as Kewpie Mayo, is a bit richer and thicker than the American-style mayonnaise. The reason for this is that it uses only the egg yolk, instead of the white and the yolk. Not only that, this mayo is made with special Japanese rice vinegar. Japanese mayo is one of the most widely used condiments in Japanese food culture, and it appears as a staple in most household kitchens.