Here are some of our top picks for easy Japanese recipes that utilize the five basic Japanese condiments: mirin, soy sauce, sake, miso and sesame oil. They’re fun, easy and oh so tasty!

If you’ve ever felt intimidated by making Japanese food, never fear. There are five basic condiments that are the basis of most Japanese food. Knowing how to incorporate them into a dish can help you make a wide variety of incredible Japanese dishes. Using a combination of mirin, soy sauce, sake, miso and sesame oil you will be able to prepare some delicious and easy recipes with a Japanese flare.

Yakitori Skewers

Chicken skewers are a fun and delicious dish, perfect for grilling out in the summer or for a quick, filling meal at home all year round. You can add some Japanese flavor to the prepared chicken skewers just by making a simple sauce. You can even prepare them two different ways: with chunks of chicken and scallions, or as strips wrapped in shiso leaves to preserve the moisture.

Summer Veggies and Tofu Gelée

For a unique, light and refreshing treat in the summer, try out the simple summer veggies and tofu gelée. They are like a savory jello shot. This eye-catching dish is a perfect appetizer or as a palate cleanser between courses. Combining water, soy sauce, sake, gelatin and a few other simple ingredients you’ll make a jello-like substance that then gets mixed in with a selection of summer veggies and tofu. Yum!

Chicken Nuggets

This is a unique take on the much-loved chicken nuggets, combining ground chicken, tofu, soy sauce sake, flour and a variety of other flavorful ingredients all together. After mixing the ingredients, you simply create nuggets and fry them up in a thin layer of oil! Serve with your favorite sauce, or simply munch on the delectable morels on their own.

White Miso Dip

For a nice side dish or perfect dish to bring to a party, try the white miso dip. You simply combine miso, mirin, sesame oil and a few other simple ingredients. Then, pair with your favorite array of veggies for a delicious, unique dip.