Enjoying a bowl of ramen noodles to the fullest doesn’t mean just slurping them—there are several things you can do to truly enhance your ramen experience.

3. Don’t Bite Off More Than You Can Chew

This goes hand in hand with the untangling of the noodles. It’s still entirely probable that you’ll pick up more noodles than you can handle. It’s a bit sloppy to try and shove a mouthful of noodles into your mouth, only to have to bite half of them off and allow them to fall back into the bowl. Take smaller amounts, or use the chopsticks to break the noodles in the bowl before bringing them to your mouth.

4. Slurp

Okay, so right after we chastise you about being sloppy, we want you to slurp your noodles. Many people believe that doing so is a way of letting people know that you are enjoying the meal. This is actually only partially true. There are two main reasons to slurp your ramen while eating. For starters, it cools the noodles down a bit before they enter your mouth. And second, it lets you know if the broth and noodles have been cooked properly.