As a self-taught ramen chef, Victoria has spent many years perfecting her skills to create artisanal Japanese ramen. Her uniquely flavored broths have earned her a great deal of praise, and her upcoming cookbook offers many tips and ramen recipes.

Mastering the art of ramen is not an easy task — many who try give up often on what could be a lifelong quest. But the daunting challenge did not stop Victoria, a ramen artisan, from achieving this difficult goal in what is mostly male-dominated industry.

Working mainly on her own, and coming from humble culinary beginnings, Victoria today is indeed a master at her craft, achieving ramen skills that many would be jealous of.

Self-taught Ramen Skills Lead to Exquisite Umami

Growing up in Louisville, Kentucky, Victoria’s first food experience was with traditional Southern cuisine. As she grew older, she began to enjoy other world cuisines, especially Asian. Because she could not always afford to eat out often, she took it upon herself to attempt to create several of the dishes she enjoyed in her kitchen.

After trying ramen, emulating the dish and the beautiful mélange of flavors became something of an obsession. Her determination to create excellent ramen was further fueled by the noticeable respect good ramen chefs warranted.

While most ramen chefs often receive extensive training and can collaborate with others, Victoria was on her own. So she read everything she could on the subject. She absorbed all the information like a sponge and put the many applications for making ramen into practice. It took ample time and lots of experimentation. The result is something truly unique, offering next-level umami that remains with you long after you’ve cleaned your bowl!

Showcasing New Ramen Recipes

Victoria Ramen Artisan2Veering away from traditional ramen dishes, Victoria’s early experimentation led to many new exciting ramen experiences. Relying on taste rather than standard instruction, Victoria developed many different ramen dish recipes that showcase the taste and texture of the noodles and the phenomenal flavor of the broth.

While she often “feels” what might work and what might not, Victoria also relied on valuable input and advice from those she shares dishes with. Their early testimonies were instrumental in helping Victoria achieve umami excellence with all her ramen recipes.

Advice for Achieving Your Own Umami

Mastering any skill is never an overnight task. Early on in her endeavor, Victoria recalled that “people do not become bored, they stop learning.”

Keeping this at the forefront of her mind was a continual reminder that any pursuit of knowledge and skill, no matter how long, would soon be rewarding so long as she held to her passion and goals. She encourages others interested in learning any culinary skill always to practice, experiment, have confidence in their abilities. It’s important to find their path to achieving their goals.

Victoria’s Next Steps

As much as Victoria loves making her ramen, she also loves tasting the ramen dishes of others. She has tried several domestically and is seeking to one day take a ramen tour in Japan. She is also interested in collaboration dinners with other ramen chefs. Victoria is currently working on a Japanese ramen cookbook that will not only detail delicious ramen recipes but also provide instruction to help others craft fantastic ramen.

Keep on Going

As Victoria experienced firsthand, no worthwhile pursuit is ever smooth. There will be obstacles, you may doubt yourself and your skill at times, or you may feel that you are losing your motivation. The trick is to take one day at a time and set small goals for yourself. Each day is another path along the journey leading to the final destination.

You have to have a passion for what you are attempting to achieve and remain undaunted by setbacks, criticism, and rejection. Remain true to yourself, and your dedication and determination will propel you along your path until you achieve success!



Victoria Ramen Artisan

Victoria grew up in Louisville, Kentucky, where she grew up on Southern food. In high school, she was introduced to other types of cuisine and especially enjoyed Asian food. After many years of practice, experimentation, and lots of research, Victoria has mastered the art of making delicious ramen and unique ramen dishes. As a self-taught ramen artisan, Victoria is putting her knowledge and experiences into a ramen cookbook. The book will encourage others to try the art of making ramen. She also currently hosts ramen pop-ups and is seeking collaboration dinners with other ramen chefs.