A selection of three super easy and delicious recipes that are perfect for cooks that are just starting out and want to try their hand at Japanese cooking.

Have you ever wanted to make Japanese food at home, but felt intimidated by the difficulty? Well, there are actually a ton of super simple and easy Japanese recipes that anyone can make, no problem! Here is a selection of some of our easiest and tastiest Japanese recipes to try at home.


Melonpan is a super simple and delicious Japanese dessert that you can whip up last minute to serve as a snack or an after dinner treat. Just take pre-made dinner rolls, and cover them with sugar cookie dough that has been flattened and topped with sugar. Then bake for 12 minutes, and they are ready to serve! Easy and yummy!

Edamame Toast

Edamame Toast is the perfect appetizer or snack and a great, unique alternative to avocado toast or bruschetta. Simply blend together shucked edamame beans, parmesan cheese, lemon juice, soy milk, olive oil, salt, and pepper in a food processor. Once the mixture is smooth spread on toasted bread, top with tomato, a lemon slice, and basil, and this tasty treat is ready to serve!

Spinach with a Japanese Twist

This way of preparing spinach is an easy and tasty way to eat this super nutritious veggie. It makes a great side dish, or a perfect healthy snack, and is extra flavorful. First start by chopping up and blanching the spinach, so that it is just cooked. Then mix together dashi broth, soy sauce, and lemon to create a tasty marinade. Simply drop the spinach in, stir around, and then move to a plate and top with fish flakes to serve! Feel free to add extra sauce if desired.

As you can see, Japanese cooking doesn’t have to be hard or intimidating. All of these recipes are perfect for the beginner cook who wants to try their hand at Japanese recipes. They are simple, tasty, and have a nice mixture of Japanese and Western flavors. Try them out today!