Not many people are aware of the differences between Japanese curry and Indian curry. But making a Japanese curry can be fairly easy, so long as you know the differences and what ingredients to use in the recipe.

Walk into nearly any Indian restaurant and you will find quite a few curry selections on the menu. Likewise with a Thai restaurant. But did you know that there is also a Japanese curry? Not many people do, even though it is a common dish in a Japanese home. In fact, Japan celebrates National Curry Day on June 2nd—the very fact that there is a holiday celebrating the tasty dish should tell you how much a part of Japanese cuisine it really is.

Of course, there are many variations of Japanese curry, just as there are with Indian and Thai curries. But there are also some differences among them all that set them apart. Knowing these differences means you can truly enjoy the diversity of Japanese curry, savoring the flavors and spices specific to the regional dish.