Pickled vegetables such as fukujinzuke and crunchy rakkyo are an excellent side dish to your Japanese meal, especially Japanese curry! Try some the next time you make or order curry, and you won't be disappointed!

What Is Rakkyo?

In contrast, rakkyo is a side dish of pickled scallions as opposed to fukujinzuke, which contains a variety of vegetables. Don’t let its simplicity fool you, however; this crunchy, tasty accompaniment blends perfectly with the taste of Japanese curry and has just the right amount of bite to it.

What’s more, rakkyo, along with other vegetables in the garlic family, is known for having many health benefits from lowering blood pressure to providing helpful antioxidants.

Why Try Them with Curry?

Eating pickled vegetables alongside Japanese curry is a splendid way to bring out the flavors of the famous dish. The sweetness of the pickling juice, combined with the umami soy sauce, complements the spicier flavors of the curry. However, a dish such as fukujinzuke is also excellent when paired with simple and milder flavors like that of plain white rice. Finally, the crunchy texture creates a wonderful dichotomy when eaten alongside smooth Japanese curry.

You don’t have to eat Japanese curry as is. Fukujinzuke and rakkyo offer great and complementary flavors to Japanese curry. Try some the next time you make or order curry!

These drinks go very well with Japanese curry :)