Sweet potatoes and enoki mushrooms are both in season in October in Japan, and will be featured in many Japanese dishes during this time. These vibrant ingredients are also very healthy, and will make a good addition to your regular diet.

Tips for Choosing the Best Enoki Mushrooms in Season

Fresh enoki mushrooms should all appear to be a clean white, without spots or any brown patches. They should also be firm to the touch, not mushy, and the cluster should appear tightly packed. The mass at the base where all the mushrooms are connected may appear slightly brown. The mushrooms should be cut away from the base before using them.

Like many of the mushrooms used in Japanese cuisine, enoki mushrooms are very healthy. Containing a great amount of vitamins and minerals, health benefits of enoki mushrooms include boosting the immunity system, improving digestion and increasing metabolism, improving mental development, and even reducing the chances of developing allergies!

Enoki and Spinach Mayo Salad

These delicate mushrooms are ideal in soups and salads. This salad recipe combines enoki mushrooms with spinach and thinly sliced carrot. The seasonings make a delicious Japanese salad dressing comprised of mayonnaise, dashi powder, soy sauce, and sesame seeds. It’s the perfect Japanese salad!

Check out this easy recipe using enoki mushrooms!