Looking for some fun new cocktails to try for your next girls' night in? Check out these three fun and fruity recipes, Tropical Sake Drink, Popsicle Whiskey Highball and Apple Sour.

Looking for the perfect fun and fruity drinks that you and your gal pals will love? Here is a wonderful selection of colorful and tasty drinks that are ideal for a night in with your girls. We all love wine, but who doesn’t love to mix it up every now and again with some new, fun cocktail ideas?

Tropical Sake Drink

This drink could not be more simple, while also being so tasty! All you need is pineapple juice, frozen pineapple and sake. Pour the pineapple juice into your cup, add two shots of sake, stir in the frozen pineapple and serve. It’s perfect to make for individual drinks, or super simple to ramp up the measurements to make a pitcher! The pineapple juice will make you feel like you’ve been transported to a tropical island, and the light flavor of the sake mixes in perfectly. Yum yum yum!

Popsicle Whiskey Highball

This drink is so fun and versatile! Start with chilled glasses, and add one shot of whiskey to each glass. Drop an ice ball or large chunk of ice in the whiskey (so that it melts at a slower pace). Then add just enough club soda to give it a little sparkle. Stir the whiskey and club soda together, then add your favorite flavor of popsicle! As the popsicle melts into the drink, the flavors will merge and create a delicious, unique drink! To finish off, garnish with a slice of lemon and serve.

Apple Sour

This drink is a great start-of-fall beverage! Start by pouring apple juice over ice in each glass. Then add Japanese shochu and club soda until the glass is nearly full. Stir thoroughly with a cocktail spoon to combine. Add in a squirt of lemon juice, then a dash of maple syrup to sweeten things up just a bit, stir again and serve! Tada! A delicious, sweet and sour drink to enjoy with your girls.