There are an endless number of desserts in NYC that take their origins from places close to home as well as far-flung locales. Here are the top 9 Japanese inspired desserts that you have to try in NYC.

7. Wagashi Desserts, Minamoto Kitchoan

Wagashi desserts are very traditional Japanese delicacies, but they’re perhaps not yet so familiar desserts in the US. They are full of natural ingredients, such as read beans, kidney beans, sweet potato and sesame.  Thus, they are usually healthier than Western desserts. Wagashi definitely tastes better with green tea.

8. Matcha Mania Smashed and Rolled Ice Cream, ICE NY

Smashed and rolled ice cream is all the rage in NYC right now, and at ICE NY, they’ll make it with any ingredient you want. One of the highlights on the menu, however, is the Matcha Mania – green tea ice cream smashed and rolled, topped with Oreo, red bean paste and condensed milk.

9. Black Sesame Creme Brulèe, Cha-An Teahouse

Another delicious French dessert meets traditional Japanese flavoring. The creaminess of the creme brulèe combined with the toasted, nutty flavor of the black sesame creates a delightful flavor combination.

If you feel sugar high just by reading this, make yourself a cup of green tea and have a zen moment!

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