There are an endless number of desserts in NYC that take their origins from places close to home as well as far-flung locales. Here are the top 9 Japanese inspired desserts that you have to try in NYC.

3. Mochi Platter, Patisserie Tomoko

Mochi is a rice cake very popular in various Japanese cuisine. When in desserts, mochi usually wraps around fillings to make a bun-shaped cake. As you might know, mochi ice cream is one of the more well-known Japanese desserts in the US. At Patisserie Tomoko, you can taste three kinds of mochi in a variety of flavors including green tea, black sesame and earl grey chocolate.

4. Matcha Mille Feuille, ChikaLicious

Mille Feuille, a French delicacy which literally means “a thousand layers,” is featured here with a unique spin. The layered crepe cake is dusted with matcha powder between each layer and on top to give the subtle sweetness of the crepes a Japanese twist.