There are an endless number of desserts in NYC that take their origins from places close to home as well as far-flung locales. Here are the top 9 Japanese inspired desserts that you have to try in NYC.

Japanese desserts differ from many Western confections. One reason is the fact that Japanese people were creative in making their own sweets even before Europeans introduced sugar to Japan. Also, they feature many ingredients not commonly found in other desserts that create a unique flavor, such as red bean, green tea, sesame, rice flour and potato.
If you want to try Japanese desserts but has no plan to visit there anytime soon, try these places in NYC instead.

1. Matcha Lava Cake, Spot Dessert Bar

Spot Dessert Bar serves up a range of unique desserts with Asian flair. The one you must try is the matcha lava cake. It’s a moist chocolate cake filled with molten green tea ganache.

2. Matcha Sesame Swirl in a Taiyaki Cone, Taiyaki NYC

Taiyaki NYC incorporates the now widely popular green tea ice cream in a taiyaki cone. Taiyaki is a traditional crispy fish-shaped Japanese cake filled with red bean paste. You won’t want to miss this trendy treat!