Ramen noodle soup can be a great option to fend off the cold weather. Enjoy a quick bowl after work, or linger over a delicious midday meal with your family. Either way, you'll be sure to enjoy the unique Japanese food culture of ramen noodles.

A Farmer’s Ramen

What better way to celebrate the harvest than with the aptly-named farmer’s ramen? Chock full of greens, carrots, leeks and more, this one is a backyard garden re-imagined in your bowl. If you’re feeling sluggish, just turn to this soup to fill your nutrition quota for the day!

Easy Vegan Ramen

Vegans rejoice! You don’t need to eat meat – or even animal products – to have a great bowl of ramen noodle soup. Using this easy recipe from Minimalist Baker, even the most earth-conscious among us can enjoy all the benefits of ramen this fall. With a perfectly umami miso base and chunks of delicious crispy tofu, even meat-eaters will enjoy this tasty soup.

Pumpkin and Butternut Squash Ramen

If there were a king of fall flavors, it would certainly be the pumpkin. Combining this perfectly seasonal ingredient alongside its cousin, butternut squash, the flavors of this ramen recipe come out spicy and autumnal. Thin slices of Fresno chili add a pop of color (along with a hefty kick), making this one an attractive and warming fall soup to try.

Leftover Thanksgiving Turkey Ramen

Of course, no mention of fall is complete without touching on that all-important American food holiday: Thanksgiving. Not sure what to do with the leftover turkey? Throw it in some festive ramen with bacon, mushrooms and a hard-boiled egg. You and your family will surely gobble it right up!